Head bike processing

Do you want to give a net increase of power to your bike?
Well, you’ve found the right place. The bike has the power processing service
and processing heads for four-stroke engines, using a sophisticated
Bench fluids.

The working of the holder head leads to an increase in power
ranging from 8 to 15%, we perform this processing, first expanding the
branches of machine tools with numerical control for maximum
precision and then making the final crimping and polishing
completely by hand in order to direct the flow in the direction
wanted and have a good surface trim. Along with this
it makes the change of the combustion chamber by having on all cylinders
the compression ratio desired.

After these operations you change the timing diagram
to have the optimum performance to suit your needs. All of these
operations are performed by qualified personnel and the end result is
confirmed by the test bench tests carried out before and after the various changes
in order to confirm the validity of amendments made.

By performing these operations is achieved not only an increase of power to
maximum speeds, but also throughout the rev range thus having a
significant increase in torque, smoother delivery and a more
ready to handle the gas.